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Welcome to Lynn's School of Motoring

I am a fully qualified, female instructor offering driving lessons in Sheffield, and have been trained in the latest teaching methods to ensure that your driving lessons are amongst the best available.

I provide lessons in most areas of North Sheffield and my aim is to provide you with the skills to enable you to pass your driving test. I offer friendly, patient tuition and all driving lessons are structured to get the best out of your personal ability.

Instruction will ALWAYS be on a one to one basis and will always be for the full time that you have booked. I also offer assistance with theory and hazard perception test tuition.

I believe I offer very competitive prices. I am not the cheapest driving school in Sheffield, nor am I the most expensive. What I do offer is excellent value for money and as my livelihood depends on reputation, it is in my best interest to ensure you are fully satisfied with your training.


Standard Lesson

1 hour


Beginner's Course

3 lessons (new licence holders only)


Block Booking

10 lessons


Pass Plus

6 hours


Students & Unemployed

Mon to Fri between 9am and 4pm


Motorway Driving

2 hours


Refresher Lesson

1 hour


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Learn Safe Drive Safe

South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership has identified that the biggest killer of young people and cause of serious injury in Sheffield is not drink, drugs or crime, it is road crashes. Together with a core group of local Approved Driving Instructors, the South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership have got together and developed the Learn Safe Drive Safe scheme, aimed specifically at younger drivers to tackle this major issue.

Being part of the original Driving Instructors, Lynn's School of Motoring is committed to working with our local authority with the aim of reducing the extremely high number of younger driver fatalities and serious injuries that happen every year on Britain's roads.

Through a series of micro-lessons, (see subjects below) young drivers are asked for their opinions and thoughts regarding these topics before being given a section to complete at home (which should take no longer than a few minutes) and return it for the following lesson.

  • Self Evaluation
  • Influence of Others
  • Distractions
  • Fatigue
  • Alcohol/Drugs
  • Speed

Getting the pupil to evaluate his/her actions will highlight that they do have a choice as to how they drive and behave on the road once they have passed their driving test. More importantly, how their actions affect other road users, friends, and their families. Helping to further prepare them for today's roads and other drivers will hopefully enable them to not become part of those young driver accidents and casualty statistics.

The Learn Safe Drive Safe Scheme can only be delivered by those driving instructors who have received the additional training from South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership. If you are a parent who wants your son/daughter to receive the safest possible start to their driving life, then contact Lynn's School of Motoring to arrange lessons.

Once your son/daughter has passed their driving test then South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership are running a FREE 3 hour Post-Test Driving Course worth £75.00. To qualify for this course you must be aged 25 or under, live in South Yorkshire and have passed your test. For further details please contact Lynn's School of Motoring.


I believe I offer very competitive prices. I am not the cheapest school around, nor are am I the most expensive. What I do offer is excellent value for money. As my livelihood depends more on recommendations it is in my best interest to ensure you are fully satisfied with your training.

I am licensed by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). As such I abide by the rules of conduct endorsed by this body. This gives you the reassurance that as a pupil you will be taught professionally, effectively and safely using the latest up to date methods.

With Lynn’s School of Motoring you will retain the same instructor for all your driving lessons.

Pass Rates are a very contentious subject amongst Driving Instructors. Some will claim to have a 90%+ pass rate, while others will be quoting figures nearer to 40%. The only true measure of pass rates can be the percentage of tests taken by an instructor’s pupils that are passed – no manipulation can be made to these figures. The current national average pass rate for learner drivers at all attempts is around 44% and my pass rate is consistently well above this level.

Lynn’s School of Motoring does not allow the practice of "piggybacking" that is employed by some schools. This means that you will be the only learner in the car at any time. Tuition will always be given on a one-to-one basis. However, from time to time, instructors are given "check tests" and this will involve an examiner sitting in the back of the car on a lesson. The examiner would not, in any way, be assessing your performance, merely assessing the standard of my instruction. If this needs to happen, you will be given plenty of warning.

I believe that people learn more effectively if they’re relaxed and don’t feel under pressure. I want you to learn at your own pace and will try to make lessons enjoyable, but at the same time effective. Almost all new drivers are nervous and you will find that in a very short space of time the nerves will disappear.

Learning to drive is one of the major milestones in your life. The ability to drive can affect many areas of your life such as employment, educational opportunities and your social life. Ending up with an impatient, rude or unsympathetic instructor can very easily affect your confidence and result in you either not succeeding or taking longer than necessary to learn to drive. Lynn’s School of Motoring believes that patience, courtesy and understanding are fundamental to the success of pupils. Learning to drive should not only be about passing the driving test and my aim is to ensure that you become a safe driver for life. I use a structured approach to tuition with clear, attainable goals set throughout your training.

The DVSA recommends around 35—45 hours of professional training plus additional private practice to give you the best chance of passing. However, everyone learns at a different pace and there is no magic formula to answer that question. I will tailor a course of lessons to suit you and will recommend the best time to take your test. If you're not getting it consistently right, then you are not ready to take the test.

Your progress will be monitored and recorded in your Lynn’s School of Motoring Progress File. I will discuss your progress with you at the end of every lesson.

I offer tuition in all aspects of driver training including complete beginners, those who have tried learning to drive previously, nervous pupils, refresher courses, motorway driving, parking, all-weather driving and Pass Plus. No matter what your level of ability I can help you learn and improve your driving skills.

Yes, Lynn’s School of Motoring offers refresher lessons if you haven't driven for some time. These lessons will cover a gentle reintroduction to driving in a quiet area before moving further onto busier roads and will cover a variety of road types and conditions.

In certain circumstances, you are permitted to drive in the UK for up-to one year on an international licence before having to take the UK driving test. Contact the Driver & Vehicle Licencing Agency (DVLA) for information.

In the case of pupils who have taken a course of driving lessons with me, the car is reserved exclusively for your use as soon as your Practical Test is booked. If you haven’t learnt to drive with me or you want the car at short notice, I will need you to have at least a 90 minute driving assessment lesson before I say yes or no. This is done in the interests of safeguarding my car by minimising the risk of damage caused by someone whose driving abilities are not at the standard required for the Practical Test. I depend on my car for my livelihood - without the car I cannot teach and cannot make a living or meet my commitments to other pupils, so if you want to use my car I need to be satisfied that you are a safe and competent driver first.

I will offer advice and help on the theory and hazard perception test and will be able to recommend books and training aids that are suitable.

I do not make extravagant promises such as “Guaranteed Pass”. I will not promise that you will pass first time – after all it depends on how well you drive on the day of your test and even the most competent drivers can suffer badly from test day nerves. What I can guarantee is that you will be trained to a high enough standard to have the best possible chance of passing your test.

At present, I can only accept cash or personal cheque for lessons. Due to the high costs of operating debit and credit card facilities, I am unfortunately unable to accept these forms of payment.

I will provide personalised gift vouchers if you wish to buy a course of driving lessons as a present for someone else. Gift vouchers make ideal Birthday and Christmas presents.